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A mailing list is an effective tool to directly email old and new clients and drive up sales. We will set you up with branded newsletter templates, import your existing contact list, manage new subscribers and track who opened your mail and what they clicked on.

We can run a direct email marketing campaign for you, set up an opt-in mailing list with subscription sign up forms on your website and social media, or create compelling newsletters to promote your business to an existing mailing list.

Mailing lists

Creating and managing a mailing list can be a time-consuming task. We make it easy to create, share, and track emails—and engage better with your customers. We do all the heavy lifting project management and report back to you so you can plan your next campaign and get better results.

Track email clicks

You need to know what kind of performance you are getting from your email campaign and newsletters. We report back after each email and track link clicks so that we can identify who was interested and what they were interested in allowing you to focus your marketing efforts more effectively.

Subscription forms

While it is possible to buy mailing lists, sending unsolicited emails is a quick way to shoot yourself in the foot. People tend to ignore junk emails, but even worse is that your email and website could become flagged as a source of spam, meaning that even your solicited mails may start getting blocked by webmail servers. For this reason, Veldfire Digital will only work with opted-in mailing lists. We can help you build this list by setting up a newsletter subscription option on your website and Facebook page.

Why you should choose Veldfire Digital for your direct marketing

Direct marketing entails communicating directly with your customers about your products, services or special offers. In the ‘old days’, this was done via snail mail, racking up printing and postage costs. These days you can reach thousands of customers instantly at the cost of an email.

Enticing newsletter & email copy

Not everyone is a naturally gifted writer and sometimes getting the words out can be a real struggle. We take care of that for you – with over 30 years combined experience in journalism, editing, graphic design, SEO and blog writing we can make sure your emails are something that people actually want to read.

Creative easy to use templates

You don’t want to waste loads of time diving back and forth between the designer and your customer. We know this and that’s why we provide you with easy to update templates that you can easily change yourself. Just need to change the price? No problem you can do it yourself and never miss a beat.

Product promotion

Bringing a new product into the world is an exciting time. You’ve spent time and care crafting your next big thing that your market is going to love. All you need to do now is let them know about it. We can help you set up product promotions and shine a light on your great ideas – and make sure the right people get to know about it.

Showcase your specials

Having an exciting special is a great way to get people to buy your product but if no one see’s what you’re offering you might as well not run a special at all. We work with our clients to develop beautiful and engaging ways to showcase special offers, that generate interest and draw the right kind of attention.

No hidden costs

We believe in being 100% transparent with our clients. We also supply you full access to your accounts and templates so that you are able to make basic changes yourself – we don’t think that we should make you pay just to make a minor change that you could do yourself.

Direct marketing packages

A mailing list is an effective tool to directly email old and new clients and drive up sales. We will set you up with branded newsletter templates, import your existing contact list, manage new subscribers and track who opened your mail and what they clicked on. Our packages help you to take advantage of that and communicate with your audience effectively.

Is direct marketing still relevant?

While social media is getting much attention at the moment, reaching your audience there is often mediated through the social media network. For example, Facebook will only show your posts to 5% to 10% of your followers, demanding that you pay to reach the audience you’ve spent time and effort building. Building up your own opted-in mailing list allows you to bypass that hurdle and reach your customers directly at no cost

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Direct marketing and email campaigns as still fantastic platforms for reaching target markets and making conversions. With the right tactics, direct mail can get greater engagement, increase response rates and improve sales. A carefully constructed campaign can increase sales to existing customers, build brand loyalty, re-connect with lapsed customers and generate new business.

How can direct marketing help my business?

Direct marketing services such as newsletters are a great way to communicate directly with clients and prospective clients and subscriptions allow you to create a database of people that are already interested in what your business has to offer.

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Communicating regularly with your client database can be an incredibly powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. By letting people know about your latest offerings, services or special offers you can showcase your products to the best possible audience.

Direct marketing for buyers and sellers

Direct marketing is useful for both buyers and sellers. For buyers the convenience of being able to purchase products or services from the comfort of their home is refreshing and they can find themselves benefiting from special offers that are only available through direct marketing. Direct marketing can also offer a wider selection of products while making comparison shopping easier with greater access to alternatives. For sellers, direct marketing can reduce costs while speeding up the efficiency of their business. Direct marketing also allows sellers to gather information about their customer’s likes and dislikes, that not only lets them provide added value through new products and services, but it also allows them to more precisely target their marketing efforts.


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