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In the age of the internet, content marketing is the core of any good marketing strategy. Do you want to run an ad campaign? Increase your SEO score and Google ranking? Are you using social media? Then there is simply no way around it – you need to have good quality content.

At Veldfire Digital we have over 30 years combined experience in journalism, editing, graphic design, SEO and blog writing. With all skills under one roof, our content production services are able to take you quickly from concept to completion.

What content production services do we offer?

Online content takes many forms – from search optimised blog posts, company information and product descriptions on your website through to captivating newsletters, social media posts, press releases and advertising.


You need to communicate with your audience in a way that resonates with your customers. Well-written, thoughtful and relevant content is the best way to set yourself apart from the crowd. We gain a comprehensive understanding of your brand through interviews and research, which allows us to craft copy from scratch or edit existing copy. Our copywriting services span writing for websites, company profiles, press releases, newsletters, company statements and copy for adverts.

Graphic design

At Veldfire Digital we can help you develop a new business image or design a gorgeous ad campaign to promote your business. We can design logos, image templates, banners, newsletters and advertising material. Our custom designs are tailored to your brand identity and we make sure that you are represented in a professional and credible manner.


We know you are busy but you still need to keep content production at the top of your mind, that’s where our ghostwriting services come in. We can ghostwrite your blog (discreetly of course) and keep you up to date with fresh high quality content, while you reap the rewards and focus on your business.

Why you should choose Veldfire Digital for your content production

To attract your audience online, you want fresh, quality content that builds trust among clients and drives up sales. We use our graphic design and writing skills to create compelling branded content, from social media posts through to blogs and new product pages.

Free consultation

In order to make sure that we can produce the best possible content that suits your brand and voice, we provide a free one-on-one consultation to assess your content needs and create a plan that works for you. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions, but would rather adapt what we offer to best suit your specific needs and create high quality content that will get you seen.

Professional copywriting

Professional copywriting can make or break your reputation. Sloppy spelling, careless mistakes and poor grammar can make you look unprofessional.

You also need to have copy that sells. We can write, proofread and edit copy professionally for you. We will create compelling copy to communicate exactly what you offer to your customers.

Targeted keyword research

Creating content aimlessly can be counterproductive and actually hurt your SEO. By making use of advanced techniques we will access the best viable keywords to target so we can create content that will make a positive impact on your ranking.

Creative graphic design

Graphic design can make your new ad pop or your website look like a million bucks. We use our knack for aesthetics and attention to detail to create unique and stunning visuals for your business. From image for social media posts to display ads, new logos or branded company documents, we can make sure that your business looks good.

Carefully scheduled content

To stay ahead of the game you need to have your finger on the pulse. Releasing regularly scheduled content is not only important for search engines but also for your audience. For instance, if you have a product launch globally time zones will become a factor. We schedule content to capitalise on the best days to create interest and you know what’s happening so that you don’t have to stay glued to your phone all day long.

Choose a content package that suits you

We have a few premade packages for our content production services in our shop, but we please get in touch with us and we’ll put together an offering to suit your particular needs and budget. 

The fact of the matter is that if you want to be found online, you need to produce consistent quality content that is relevant to your audience. Each is an opportunity to build trust with your client base and drive sales.

What exactly is content production?

Whether you want a social media image, a detailed blog post, a podcast or even a video, every business needs to constantly be producing high-end relevant content to engage with their audience. If you already know your way around SEO, you know how important keywords are for boosting your search rankings.

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There is no such thing as SEO without content. You need words, articles, substance and keywords. The best way of ranking for those keywords is by publishing content that is consistently well written and related to your product or industry. Once you have the attention of your audience you can direct these customers to your business or any promotions that you may be offering.

Content production for websites

When you have a website you want to retain the interest of your customers as well as promote your product. The best way to do this is by releasing consistent quality content, such as articles, images or infographics that are relevant to your consumers. At Veldfire Digital we use our extensive copywriting and graphic design expertise to produce regular and relevant content to improve your website’s rankings in an organic and inexpensive way.

The impact of content on your SEO

If you don’t have good quality content on your website, there is very little way to improve your ranking on search engines. By publishing useful, original content, you can help your SEO by generating links. When you publish targeted, and relevant content, links begin to happen organically because others are naturally drawn to it and want to share it.

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In Google’s push to always deliver the most relevant results, it favours content that is up-to-date and relevant to user queries. New content is indexed quickly, ranks better in search engine results, and is given priority over older content. So that means that a good SEO strategy requires consistent output of content. There just isn’t any way around it.

Website content strategy

Content strategy focuses on the planning, creation, and delivery of content. Your brand reflects its personality and identity through content such as articles, images and infographics and that voice should be consistent across all content. Content strategy helps businesses prepare and plan for reliable and cost-effective sources of website traffic and new leads plus, by producing carefully planned content, you will not only help attract leads but also help generate awareness for your brand.


What is the difference between copywriting and ghostwriting?

You have probably heard both of these terms before but what exactly is the difference between a copy writer and a ghost writer? While both ghostwriters and copywriters produce content for their clients the main difference is that ghostwriters are completely invisible. Both are wordsmiths by trade and so will be able to produce high quality writing for your website, blog, book or article. 

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If you have your own website and you are SEO conscious, you probably know the value of regular content. You may even enjoy writing and be pretty good at it, but we understand that staying up to date can be challenging and writing new content often gets put aside when you are focusing on your day to day business. If you’re trying to build up a niche site then making use of content production services can help you get your blog rolling along nicely. By hiring a good ghostwriter who will use your style of writing and voice you can still put out regular content while you manage the other aspects of your business.

Need more content? Chat with us to see how we can help you.

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