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Investing in a search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy is essential for every business. If search engines aren’t ranking your site, nobody is going to find your business online. We can plan and execute an SEO strategy that will not only increase traffic to your website but also bring in quality leads that are more likely to convert into sales.

We apply SEO principles to all the websites we build, but good SEO is an ongoing strategy that works with other digital marketing elements such as social media and regular new content.

Free website SEO analysis

If you have an existing website, we will run a free SEO analysis and offer suggestions for improvement. In the analysis, we’ll see how well you are ranking, what you are ranking for and where there are opportunities to do better. We use sophisticated techniques to analyse your website so we can make recommendations for improvements and enhancements that will get your website ranking higher.

Keyword analysis

We can run an analysis on different keywords that people might be using to search for businesses like yours. We’re able to look at what keywords your site is already ranking for, while also suggesting other keywords or phrases that you could use to drive new and relevant traffic to your site.

No hidden costs

We’re 100% transparent about all our pricing. Our SEO services are tied into many of our other offerings such as web design and content production, with options for once-off fees and others with ongoing service contracts.

Monthly reports

We can track your website’s traffic on Google Analytics and provide detailed reporting each month. Our reports will show you what content is driving traffic and where your traffic is coming from, allowing you to refine and improve things to improve both the quality and quantity of your website traffic.

Professional and affordable SEO

At Veldfire Digital we aim to accommodate businesses of all sizes, from startups to corporations. We work with our clients to create customised packages that will suit the needs and budget of your business venture.

Free web presence analysis

We will have a look at your existing presence on the internet. Whether or not you have social media accounts or a website, we’ll see where we can find you and show what information people are learning about you or your company. Using this information, we will offer usable suggestions of where you can improve that will fall within your budget.

Google analytics & traffic reports

Knowing who’s visiting your site and how they got there is crucial to any SEO efforts. We can track your website’s traffic on Google Analytics and provide detailed reporting each month so you can see what content is driving traffic.

Keyword & content strategy

By using keyword analysis and competitor research we can optimise your website to effectively target the perfect demographic for your business. We then use that information to feed into a content strategy that you can follow to produce and distribute relevant content that will attract the right people to your website. You can then follow that strategy yourself, or make use of our design and copy writing services and let us run your content strategy for you.

Design & copywriting

Producing regular and relevant content on your site is one of the biggest factors in improving your search ranking. Knowing this is easy, but not everyone has the combination of free time and talent to do it themselves on a regular basis. Let us help you.

With three decades of experience in the fields of graphic design, photography, journalism, sub-editing, technical writing, marketing, blogging and specialised SEO writing, we are able to help you produce original and engaging content for your website and social media.

If you’re still unsure about SEO or whether you need it, please keep reading and hopefully we’ll have your questions covered.

What exactly is SEO and how does it work?

In it’s simplest form, SEO is about getting you noticed by search engines. And yes, it’s very important! SEO is the art, and science, of optimising your website to maximise organic traffic from daily searches that people make online. Frontpage dominance will enable your business to access a much bigger market share and will give you an edge over your competition.

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The problem is that getting traffic isn’t as simple as one might think. In reality, if you want to get a share of the traffic you must be prepared to put in the time and a lot of hard work. Search engines assess your website for its relevance for search terms that people are making and they also look at a wide range of technical aspects of your site and its content. When planning your SEO there are a multitude of aspects that you should attend to but as a basic rule, you need to focus on the below elements.

Elements to consider when planning your SEO:


What do we mean by mobile-first? It’s exactly what it sounds like – the mobile version of your website will be indexed by search engines (like Google) first. So that means that your mobile site is the starting point for search engines to include in their index and the baseline for how they determine rankings. What that means for you is that your mobile site and its SEO needs to be just as good – or better – than your desktop version.

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Technical SEO relates to all the SEO activities excluding content optimization and link building. In simple terms there are several aspects of your website that need to be made “SEO ready” in order for search engines to be able to crawl your site effectively. Technical SEO requirements are constantly changing and becoming more complex in order to keep up with the search engines.

Long-tail keyword list

In the old days you could choose a few keywords that you want to rank for and get results easily – these days intense competition and natural language searches mean that you have to work a bit harder. This is happening because people are using tools like Siri and Alexa to speak their searches, rather than typing them in. The bottom line is that if you’re focusing on a small group of generic keywords, you’re probably not being found by most of the people who are searching for you, so you need to research and develop long-tailed keywords that will give you a chance to rank.

High-quality content

High-quality content and SEO work hand-in-hand. It’s one of Googles top three ranking factors and in order to get noticed you need to have a content plan – and be able to deliver. Good quality content is based on a clear and concise understanding of what your audience wants and the ability to answer their questions. Longer content usually ranks better in organic results because it is normally relevant and thorough.

Link building

Links aren’t everything in SEO, but we can certainly attribute a large chunk of successful SEO to link-related factors. Link building means acquiring links from websites other than your own. When search engines use links to crawl the web, they will crawl the links between the individual pages on your website (internal linking), and they will crawl the links between entire websites (external linking).

Why should you get your SEO done in South Africa?

Outsourcing your SEO to someone who has the skill and experience to bring in the best results can be a huge time and resources saver for most companies. In terms of cost and skill, South Africa is one of the best places to outsource your SEO to.

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If you are looking for an effective way to get your website seen, make sure that you consider your options and choose an SEO company in South Africa who understands you and your business goals. There are many businesses that claim to be able to assist you with your SEO but only specialise in online marketing and so they don’t have the knowledge to improve rankings and traffic growth. At Veldfire Digital we are passionate about SEO so you can be sure of getting a valuable service for your money.

Global SEO pricing vs South African SEO pricing
The other advantage of using an South African based SEO company is that SA prices are based on the rand. Countries such as the USA and the UK can simply convert SEO prices to your currency based on the latest exchange rate – and the difference in cost is remarkable. The average hourly rate for SEO services in the USA ranges from $75 – $150 per hour with retainer costs between $1,500 – $3,000 per month. Whereas in South Africa you can get SEO from about R700 per hour ($55) and monthly retainers for as little as R6,000 per month ($500). All the more reason to outsource to South Africa.

What results can I expect from my SEO?

Any SEO company worth its salt will tell you that SEO is a commitment that takes time to come to fruition. While you won’t see results overnight, if done correctly, your website will rank better over time. However, if you make the proper investment, and plan on being in it for the long haul, SEO is a marketing tactic with one of the best returns on investment out there.

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Rankings matter but they’re not the metric you should be focusing on. If, by asking “How long does SEO take to start working?” you mean “How long will it be before I get top rankings?” then you are likely being mislead about SEO.

How long does SEO take to show results?

As with everything related to SEO – its’ not that simple. It depends on how long your website has been around, how much SEO has already been done, what shape the website is in, how much content is on it, how many links have been generated, and many other SEO factors. However, you should be able to start seeing results in about 4 to 6 months. That’s generally accurate, but bear in mind this is when you start seeing results, and SEO results grow over time so basically, the results you’re getting after 12 months should be considerably more than what you would be getting after 6 months.

SEO and content marketing – what’s the connection?

Great content needs to be a vital part of your SEO strategy – one of the top factors for ranking highly is to publish quality and product-related content on a regular basis. Additionally, if your content isn’t optimised it will not receive the exposure that it deserves. While this might not be feasible for everyone, we can assist with content production, using our design and copywriting skills to give your site quality content that will rank higher on search rankings.

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The goal here is to make sure that the information you provide is relevant to what people are looking for when they search online. A result of building a site that has high-quality content is that it builds trust with your customers and makes your site a reputable source of information that other websites will link to.

How a good content marketing strategy will help your SEO

Content and links are among the top three ranking factors in search. There are millions of blog posts being published each day, so you need to create content that stands out. This is where the strategy part comes into play. A complete SEO content strategy will include prioritising relevant long-tailed keywords, on-page optimisation, optimal internal linking and regular upkeep and maintenance of existing content.

Contact us for a free site SEO assessment. We’ll do an analysis and quote on recommended improvements

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