Website & Updates: Enterprise bundle with paid promotion for 3 months

R37,960R52,960 plus VAT

Package includes full website build and first 3 months of digital content.

  • 20 page website; free domain
  • 3 months of web hosting, updates & maintenance
  • 1 social media account set up with 20 social media posts per month
  • 10 GB hosting; 4 articles per month; monthly 5-hour retainer; .

Choose the amount you’d like to spend each month to promote your content on your chosen social media platform.

Alternately contact us for a payment plan.


  • 20 page website build
  • 1 social media account set up
  • Registration of a domain
  • 5 hours of proofreading and editing of supplied content
  • Google Business Manager listing
  • Google Analytics account set up
  • R14,455 R10,975 once off

Monthly (package includes first three months with option to renew monthly):

  • 10 GB web hosting
  • 5-hour monthly retainer for website updates
  • 20 social media posts
  • 4 articles per month (500 words + 2 free stock images)
  • Google Analytics report
  • Plugin updates and basic security maintenance
  • R11,555 R8,995 per month

This bundle includes 3 months of content, with the option to renew, change plans or handle it yourself.

We highly recommend allocating a portion of your budget to promotions, especially for building up a following on a newly set up account. Amounts chosen are only for the first three months and can be changed thereafter.

As with all our website packages, you get the following:

Professionally built & scalable

Having a professional, easy-to-use website is crucial for any business. All our websites are fully scalable, so your site can grow with your business. From one-page sites, to e-commerce sites with all the bells and whistles – we can do your web design quickly and affordably.

Quality editing & proofreading

We have extensive experience in sub-editing and writing, keeping your website free of embarrassing errors.

Although our smaller packages do not include editing and proofreading, we’ll generally correct any mistakes we see in supplied copy. In our larger packages we’ll actively edit and neaten up all written copy. We are also available to write all your original website copy and can even ghost write your blog, should you need help with that.

For more details, please see our content production page.


Mobile responsive sites

With more than three out of four internet users in South Africa now on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, it’s essential that your site looks good and is fully functional when viewed on the smallest to the largest of screens.

If you’re on a phone now, go ahead and rotate your screen and you’ll see how the content adjusts to the width so that there is no text or images running on the sides of your screen. If you’re on computer, just adjust the size of the browser window. As it gets smaller you’ll see elements like the slider and the logo at the top of the page will change and adapt to the different widths.

Many older sites were built before mobile was such a big consideration. If you have an older site, let us take a look and we can rebuild it so that you aren’t losing out on a big chunk of potential traffic.


No hidden costs

We’re 100% transparent about all our pricing. We also supply you full access to your site so that you are able to make make basic changes yourself – we don’t believe we should make you pay just because a price or a time has changed.

If at a later stage you’d like to change the look of your site using someone else, we will also provide them with all the necessary access to make changes to the site.

Custom built & unique

All of our sites are custom built and designed specifically for you. While there are countless free and paid for WordPress themes available, there’s nothing worse than seeing some other company using the same theme as you. With our unique webdesign built from scratch, you can be confident that your site doesn’t have dozens of clones around the internet.


Graphic design

First impressions count and good design is essential to attracting customers. We offer a range of graphic design services, but on our web design packages we include a basic 1 hour retainer for resizing and shaping supplied images such as product pictures and logos. Please contact us if you feel you may need more help with grapic design.

Easy to update yourself

We build our sites on the popular WordPress content management system. Using WordPress, it is easy to update content yourself with just basic computer skills. Importantly, we don’t restrict your access to the site and we will show you how to access the back end easily yourself.

This way you can easily stay up to date with prices and other information that may change on a regular basis, without having to incur further costs from asking us to do it for you.

One-on-one consultation

We will work closely with you to determine what it is you need for your website. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions, but would rather adapt what we offer to best suit your specific needs. We will assess your existing online presence, if there is one. We can also look at the opportunities and the competition in your specific field and area so as to best optimise your site for relevant search queries to drive traffic to your site.


Search engine optimised

Search engine optimised, otherwise known as SEO, is important. All our sites have at least some of the basics to get you ranked on search engines, with our larger packages having more to boost your rankings. There’s only so much one can do with the build alone. For best results one needs a well thought out content marketing strategy, to produce regular and relevant content. Check out our search engine optimisation (SEO) and content production services for more information on how we can get your website found on Google.

As with all our website hosting packages, you get the following:

99.9% uptime

All of our sites are hosted locally in South Africa with one of the country’s leading providers of corporate and reseller level hosting. This means your site is in the best of hands and hosted on reliable servers.

Easy control panel

Control and maintain your site website with ease using the back end control panel, giving you full control of your hosting environment.

Security assured

Our mail filters come with spam filtering and malware scanning to keep you and your data safe.

As with all our social media packages, you get the following:

Quality editing & proofreading

We have extensive experience in sub-editing and writing, keeping your content sharp and free of embarrassing errors.

We are also available to write all your original website copy and can even ghost write your blog.

For more details, please see our content production page.

Graphic design

First impressions count and good design is essential to attracting customers. We ensure all content is correctly sized for the platform it goes out on. 

One-on-one consultation

We work closely with you to ensure your social media's content correctly portrays your brand

If this isn’t quite what you want, please have a look at other offerings below to see if something else suits you better.

Otherwise please do contact us and we can come up with a custom solution for you.