Premium web design package

    • Home page
      • The landing page shows and links all your most important information
    • Contact page
      • Display the contact details you want to share
      • Includes a contact form with spam filters
      • Includes a map if you have a physical address
    • Ten more pages of your choosing

    Examples of different pages are galleries, calendars, menus, specials and product or service write ups. Let us know more about what you do and your goals and we can advise as to how best to structure your site, giving visitors a depth of content without overwhelming them with too much initial information.

    These can include a front page layout, and a layout for individual pages, a third for the blog and a fourth for gallery pages

    We will register a or .com domain for you. This annually renewable registration gives you exclusive use of your domain name.

    Other domain extensions (eg .africa, .capetown, .biz) are also available, but may come at an additional cost.

    If you already have a domain registered, we can optionally move it to our own hosting for you as part of your added value on the premium website package. If you prefer, we can rather upload the finished site to your own hosting, as long as your hosting service meets certain very basic requirements.

    We offer free hosting as standard added value with our website packages. After the free period expires, you’re welcome to renew with us, or we can help you move the site to another host.

    If you already have a domain registered, we can optionally move it to our own hosting for you as part of your added value on this package. If you prefer, we can rather upload the finished site to your own hosting, as long as your hosting service meets certain very basic requirements.

    We will also create the email addresses that you need as well as assist you in linking the emails to a mail client such as Gmail or Outlook.

    This is only available with the free hosting that we offer as standard added value with our website packages. If you are hosting with another host, we’ll be subject to the limits of your hosting service, but it’s likely we’ll be able to create more emails for you with their set up.

    If you already have a domain hosted, we can move it to our own hosting for you as part of your added value on this package.

    • Visitors can share your content easily
    • Send visitors to your social media
    • Display your Facebook & Twitter following
    • Show latest posts

    We won’t need any additional permissions to send visitors to your social media accounts, but we will require certain administrative approvals to pull information from your social media accounts and display them on the site.

    We will professionally edit all supplied content so that it’s not only free of any spelling or grammar errors, but also that the text is clear and concise.

    We will set up an easy to use system to maintain back-ups of your site. For added security, we can also link your storage to a remote Google Drive folder or other regular cloud storage facility of your choosing.

    We will maintain security updates to software and plugins on your site, monitor spam attacks and maintain monthly backups of the site.

    We’ll carry out all basic SEO best practices in building your site. Some of the SEO tasks include:

    • XML sitemap
    • Robots.txt file
    • Meta descriptions and keywords
    • Alt tags on images
    • Google and Bing indexing
    • Keyword oriented heading structures

    While it’s important to build your site with SEO in mind, getting ranked on search engines does not end with the website build. To get found on Google, and by the right people, you want to carry out an ongoing SEO strategy and produce new content on a regular basis.

    We’ll carry out more advanced SEO on your site and consult with you on how your site’s ranking and how your competitors are doing.

    • Keyword and competitor analysis
    • Keyword strategy
    • Content strategy

    We will also advise you on a content strategy to boost your rankings. You can follow the guide we give you and do things yourself or you can make use of our SEO and content production services.

    Having an SSL certificate installed means that your site has been verified as being secure and safe for visitors to browse on. This is good for SEO and also helps build trust with your visitors.

    A secured site’s web address will start as https:// rather than the more common http://. Most browsers also show a green padlock alongside the web address, which you should be able to see while on this site.

    When people are looking for your business you need to make sure that you can be found. We will verify your business on Google Maps for you so that you can be assured that your business pops up on digital maps and your customers always know where to find you.

    Google Analytics is essential for tracking the health of your website. It allows you to track a range of insights into how users find and use your website. This allows us to compile up-to-date and relevant data so that you can effectively tweak your online marketing strategy to increase website traffic and conversions.

    Traffic reporting will help you to keep your website running smoothly and efficiently. With this package we will give you three months of personalised traffic reports – customised to suit your business – so that you can keep track of your website’s performance.

    As with all our website builds, you get the following features and personal attention to detail.

    premium website package

    Custom built & unique

    All of our sites are custom built and designed specifically for you. While there are countless free and paid for WordPress themes available, there’s nothing worse than seeing some other company using the same theme as you. With our unique webdesign built from scratch, you can be confident that your site doesn’t have dozens of clones around the internet. For more information, jump down to see why a custom site is important.

    premium website package

    One-on-one consultation

    We will work closely with you to determine what it is you need for your website. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions, but would rather adapt what we offer to best suit your specific needs. We will assess your existing online presence, if there is one. We can also look at the opportunities and the competition in your specific field and area so as to best optimise your site for relevant search queries to drive traffic to your site.

    premium website package

    Professional editing & proofreading 

    We have extensive experience in sub-editing and writing, keeping your website free of embarrassing errors.

    Although our smaller packages do not include editing and proofreading, we’ll generally correct any mistakes we see in supplied copy. In our larger packages we’ll actively edit and neaten up all written copy. We are also available to write all your original website copy and can even ghost write your blog, should you need help with that.

    For more details. please see our content production page.

    premium website package

    Easy to update yourself 

    We build our sites on the popular WordPress content management system. Using WordPress, it is easy to update content yourself with just basic computer skills.  Importantly, we don’t restrict your access to the site and we will show you how to access the back end easily yourself.

    This way you can easily stay up to date with prices and other information that may change on a regular basis, without having to incur further costs from asking us to do it for you.

    If at a later stage you’d like to change the look of your site using someone else, we will also provide them with all the necessary access to make changes to the site.

    premium website package

    Mobile responsive sites

    With more than three out of four internet users in South Africa now on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, it’s essential that your site looks good and is fully functional when viewed on the smallest to the largest of screens.

    If you’re on a phone now, go ahead and rotate your screen and you’ll see how the content adjusts to the width so that there is no text or images running on the sides of your screen. If you’re on computer, just adjust the size of the browser window. As it gets smaller you’ll see elements like the slider and the logo at the top of the page will change and adapt to the different widths.

    Many older sites were built before mobile was such a big consideration. If you have an older site, let us take a look and we can rebuild it so that you aren’t losing out on a big chunk of potential traffic.

    premium website package

    Search engine optimised

    SEO is important. All our sites have at least some of the basics to get you ranked on search engines, with our larger packages having more to boost your rankings. There’s only so much one can do with the build alone. For best results one needs a well thought out content marketing strategy, to produce regular and relevant content. Check out our search engine optimisation (SEO) and content production services for more information on how we can get your website found on Google.

    premium website package

    No hidden costs

    We’re 100% transparent about all our pricing. We also supply you full access to your site so that you are able to make make basic changes yourself – we don’t believe we should make you pay just because a price or a time has changed. Our basic entry-level packages are all once-off builds without maintenance, while the higher end packages that come with ongoing security, maintenance or content updates have upfront prices without any hidden surprises.

    If the premium website package isn’t what you’re looking for, please have a look at our website packages page as well as the rest of our digital marketing packages to see if there’s something that suites you better. Else please contact us and we can come up with a custom solution for you.


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