This premium hosting package is aimed at larger companies, or smaller companies with larger needs.

Premium Hosting package

    With 5GB of storage you have plenty of space for all but the largest of websites while also being able to handle hundreds of email accounts. Unless you have large amounts of video or audio files on your site or a very high volume of emails with large attachments, this is unlikely to run out.

    We will register a .com domain for you. This annually renewable registration gives you exclusive use of your domain name.

    Also available are .org, .net and

    Other domain extensions (eg .africa, .capetown, .biz) are also available, but may come at an additional cost.

    If you already have a domain registered, we can optionally move it to our own hosting for you.

    With this package you have capacity to create up to 500 emails, giving more than enough for all but the largest of corporations. We will set up and configure up to 15 email addresses for you as a complimentary service and any additional emails would have to be created by you or your team. We can show you how and doing so is quick and easy with the control panel.

    You can create up to 500 email lists to send to specific mailing groups.


    Use this to host different websites on your domain such as a client-only portal, an internal client management system or an accounting system among other options.

    Databases are needed for most modern dynamic websites such as those built on WordPress and other popular content managemen systems. With additional databases, you are able to maintain additional versions of your site for testing, host additional websites on your domain such as a client-only portal, an internal client management system or an accounting system among other options.

    You can create, link and host three more domains under this package, without the need to host it separately. You can use this to secure alternate names for your business and to secure different domain name extensions such as the .com, and .org versions of your domain.

    NB: Additional domain registration costs are separate, we mereley provide the ability to link additional domains.

    As with all our web hosting, you get the following features and peace of mind.

    premium hosting package

    Reliable servers

    All of our sites are hosted locally in South Africa with one of the country’s leading providers of corporate and reseller level hosting, meaning that your site is in the best of hands.

    premium hosting package

    Easy-to-use control panel

    Control and maintain your site website with ease using the back end control panel, giving you full control of your hosting environment.

    premium hosting package

    Security assured

    Our mail filters come with spam filtering and malware scanning to keep you and your data safe.

    premium hosting package

    No hidden costs

    We’re 100% transparent about all our pricing. We also supply you full access to your hosting so that you are able to make basic changes yourself. Please note that all hosting packages are invoiced upfront annually.

    If the premium hosting package isn’t what you’re looking for, please have a look at our website hosting page as well as the rest of our digital marketing packages to see if there’s something that suits you better. Else please contact us and we can come up with a custom solution for you.

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