Monthly social media packages

    To make sure that your brand is always in view we will design customised image templates for you so that every social media post will broadcast your brand.

    We can handle multiple accounts and platforms and still manage them all from one easy location. We make use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to promote content, engage with your audience and steer traffic towards your website.

    Sloppy spelling and useless hashtags can really hurt your brand’s image – whereas having professional editing can improve your PR and make sure your message is being heard. We make sure that your posts are always perfectly coherent and reflect your business’s core messages.

    We can set up all your accounts for you with customised branded templates and cover images. We will also make sure you have full access to all your accounts so that you can manage them any time you want to.

    Don’t get locked into social media management packages you can’t afford – our monthly social media packages are designed so that you can start small and upgrade as your business and needs grow.

    We want to make sure that your social media is a success. As with all our services you get the following features and personal attention to detail.

    monthly social media packages

    No hidden costs

    We’re 100% transparent about all our pricing. We also supply you full access to the social media accounts we create – we don’t believe in holding you ‘hostage’ by restricting access to your own accounts.

    monthly social media packages

    One-on-one consultation

    We will work closely with you to determine what you want to achieve with social media. Consulting closely with you will also allow us to better set the correct tone and voice with which you want your business to engage with followers on social media.

    monthly social media packages

    Professional editing & proofreading 

    We have extensive experience in sub-editing and writing, keeping your social media posts free of embarrassing errors.

    We’ll ensure all posts are properly edited and will correct any errors we find in supplied copy. We are also available to write original website and social media copy and can even ghost write for you, should you not have the time to do so yourself.

    For more details. please see our content production page.

    monthly social media packages

    Engaging & original content

    Social media is a staple for most businesses, but finding interesting and relevant material to share with your audience can be a struggle. We love creating creative and unique content that will not only enhance your social media presence, but also direct an already interested customer right to your website – where you can convert your lead into a sale.

    For more details. please see our content production page.

    Looking for something more customised than our monthly social media packages? Please contact us and together, we can come up with a solution that works for you.

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